If you want a free domain name, you can choose from one of the following. Just put your name after the www and before the domain name.
  • https://therapist.fr
  • https://therapy.fr
  • https://online-counsellor.com
  • https://counsellor.fr
  • https://counsellors.fr
  • https://lifecoachinginfrance.com

For example, if your name is Joe Smith and you want a sub-domain with therapy.fr, you might choose www.joesmith.therapy.fr as your website name. There are some special names shown below but you can create your own sub-domain from the names above or a special name from those shown below (if available). If you need any help, just ask.

If you want one of the designs shown on the Designs page, please let me know the sub-domain name and website number you want. Alternatively, you can design your own or I can design one with your ideas and suggestions.